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Discover our mountain bike trails (8.8 km), our children's bike park or our pumptrack! Mountain biking trails include beginner and intermediate level single track trails. Access more than 30 kilometers in total of trails in shallow terrain, therefore 21 km are passable on cross-country ski trails in addition to an additional 4 km as a playground on the banks of the Petite-Cascapedia River!

Venture on the “Les Cèdres” trail, intermediate level, along a flow in a mature cedar forest - a forest landscape worthy of Western Canada! A trail that offers a descent filled with fast turns and double jumps for experienced riders!



Excluding applicable taxes



Access to the mountain bike trails is free for people aged 16 and under accompanied.




Station touristique Pin Rouge - New Richmond



Station touristique Pin Rouge - New Richmond
Parc régional Mont-Saint-Joseph - Carleton-sur-mer

Get 20% off your daily pass and 15% off a season pass at Sugarloaf Bike Park .

On presentation of your proof of payment for the Rider or Pin Rouge season card. ID required. Valid for on-site purchases only. Discount also applicable at the station for holders of a Sugarloaf season pass.

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The network is unavailable in several areas of Petite-Cascapédia Regional Park and the trails are not patrolled. Plan your outings!

Mountain biking involves the risk of serious injury or death. For your safety and the safety of others, please follow this code of conduct:

1. Be sure to pay for your access fees. Passes are available on our online ticket office  and at the reception during opening hours. 

2. Respect the opening hours and dates of the trails.  Ride only in daylight. Wait at least 12 hours after a rain to use the trails. Be careful, the conditions of the modules and trails may vary. Check their condition before riding them with confidence.

3. Obey the signs. Stay on marked trails and never venture into closed sections. Do not make any modification to the route or any new development without the authorization of the network manager.

4. Always ride in control and respect your limits. You must be able to stop and avoid other people or obstacles. Ride trails and features that match your skills level. It is your responsibility to be aware of the difficulty levels and to choose your route accordingly.


5. Give way to cyclists in front of you. On two-way trails, yield to uphill cyclists. You use shared trails. Be extra careful during busy periods. 


6. Adopt Leave No Traces principles. Respect wildlife. Leave no traces of your passage - no waste, no breakage. Do not bring your pets on the trails. 

7. Wear a helmet and appropriate protective gear for your ride.


8. Check the mechanical condition of your bike or have it inspected by a qualified bike mechanic before you ride.


9. Do not ride if you are physically incapacitated or if your ability or judgement is impaired by drugs, alcohol or fatigue.


10. Clear the path. If you must stop, do so off the trail, in a safe, visible location


11. Help the rescuers. If you are involved in or witness an accident, remain at the scene and identify yourself to a first-aider or bystanders.

This list is not exhaustive and should be adjusted by the user, depending on the circumstances.


Do not hesitate to report any unusual situation, presence of risks or damage to us by calling 418-392-5134 #121.

Your safety, your responsibility

The smooth running of activities such as mountain biking depends, among other things, on compliance with the established code of conduct. In this sense, you have the obligation to read the regulations in force before practicing an activity on the site of the Petite-Cascapédia Regional Park and you have the duty to respect them at all times. The activity of mountain biking involves risks, by choosing to practice this activity, you choose to accept the risks inherent in the activity as much for your safety as with regard to - but not only - the breakage of equipment and any injury incurred. Your presence on the Petite-Cascapédia Regional Park site will be interpreted as tacit acceptance of the inherent risks and your commitment to respect the park's regulations.

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