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Alpine hiking now available in Pin Rouge thanks to the financial support of URLS-GÎM !


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Fatbike & hors-piste

Guided alpine tour

Get off the beaten track and discover the resort in alpine hiking mode accompanied by a guide who knows the playground to perfection and who can help you improve your skiing level!

Individual or group package available

Beginner to expert level

OBackcountry equipment included.

Contact the ski school atecole@pinrouge.comfor more details.



During our operating hours, alpine hiking is accessible from 8 a.m. to 9 p.m.

Outside our operating hours, the autonomous alpine hike is accessible from 4 p.m. to 9 p.m. on days when the ski lift is in operation and from 8 a.m. to 9 p.m. on days when the ski lift is not in operation.

Equipment rental

Equipment rental

Backcountry ski rental is now available at the resort, whether it's to discover our skin tracks or a playground nearby. Mandatory reservation. Contact our team at the rental shop 418-392-5134 #255.

Safety and regulations


The proper conduct of activities such as alpine touring depends, among other things, on compliance with the established code of conduct. In this sense, you have the obligation to be aware of the regulations in force before practicing an activity on the site of the Petite-Cascapedia Regional Park and you have the duty to respect them at all times. Winter sports involve risks, by choosing to practice this activity, you choose to accept the risks inherent in the activity as much for your safety as with regard to - but not only - equipment breakage and any injury incurred. Your presence on the Petite-Cascapedia Regional Park site will be interpreted as a tacit acceptance of the inherent risks and of your commitment to respect the park regulations.

1. During our operating hours, take the official “La Ouate” and “La Wé-en-o” ascension trails. Outside the operation hours, you can also climb the side of the 1, 16 and 9. Always descend on open and marked trails. Always use the determined descent zones. See our trails map for more details. It is strictly forbidden to descend by the skin tracks.

2. Respect the opening and closing statutes for trails and ascent trails in force as well as the station's schedule in order to preserve our trails. Mountain operations (grooming, maintenance, etc.) - which take place throughout the season - constitute a real danger.

3. It is forbidden to use the ski lifts with snowshoes. Use the trails provided for this purpose.

4. The patrol team does not go to the alpine lifts. In case of emergency, call 911. Be aware that the cellular network may be unavailable in certain places in the mountains.

5. Animals are not allowed in the lifts or on the slopes.

6. At all times, observe the Mountain Code of Conduct.

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