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Laughter, fun and thrills guaranteed for young and old. Take advantage of two parallel tracks with a ski lift for users.


Journée | Daily access
1/2 journée | Half day
Soirée | Evening
Forfait jour & soir | Day + evening pack
13 -
14 +

10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

12 p.m. to 4 p.m.

5 p.m. to 8 p.m.

Ticket sales for tube slides start 15 minutes before the chosen period (9.45 a.m., 11.45 a.m. or 4.45 p.m.).

Snow tubing schedule

The tube slide schedule is subject to change depending on weather conditions. Contact us before you travel. 

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Calendrier_Glissadesurtube_Janvier 2024.png
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calendrier tubes 23-24.png
Calendrier_Glissadesurtube_Avril 2024.png

Safety and regulations


The smooth running of sliding activities depends, among other things, on compliance with the established code of conduct. In this sense, you have the obligation to be aware of the regulations in force before practicing an activity on the site of the Petite-Cascapedia Regional Park and you have the duty to respect them at all times. Winter sports involve risks, by choosing to practice this activity, you choose to accept the risks inherent in the activity as much for your safety as with regard to - but not only - equipment breakage and any injury. incurred. Your presence on the Petite-Cascapedia Regional Park site will be interpreted as a tacit acceptance of the inherent risks and of your commitment to respect the park regulations.

Mountain Code of Conduct


This list is not exhaustive and must be adjusted by the user, depending on the circumstances.

1. Follow the attendant's instructions at all times;

2. Install your ticket on the right side, in full view of the attendant;

3. Remain seated in the air chamber during the ascent;

4. Avoid swinging when going up;

5. Go up one person at a time, unless you are sliding with a child;

6. Once at the top, wait for an attendant to unhook your tube before getting up;

7. Be vigilant and wait for the attendant's signal before getting off;

8. Never slide more than 6 tubes together at a time - depending on track conditions;


9. Give way and free the way on the slopes;


10. Only use the slides designed for this purpose;

11. Obey the signs;


12. Be courteous to users and employees to ensure a pleasant slide for all!

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